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Buyers, this rubrique has been made for you !

You've decided to shop on the web
Good decision ! rather choose a certified PWS Label web site !

Where to find a certified PWS Label site ?
1/ Consult the directory of certified PWS label sites, you may search by site name, URL, type of products, category �
2/ All certified PWS Label sites, show in evidence the PWS Label on their front/home page !

How to verify the Label validity ?
This is very simple, click on the label, you will see a window appearing with the label n�, the address of the site, the date and the hour of your visit � you will then be sure that this site is indeed certified !
On the other hand if you do not see this window, or any other indication � Be careful ! one is trying to mislead you ! : Please inform us immediately !

Contribute with us, to make the web "more transparent" and safe !

Do inform us, regularly of your buying experiences on the certified PWS Label sites.

For more info please call in Switzerland
phone: + 41 217 311 821 or
Email : [email protected]


Member of the Selection Committee