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The Selection Committee

A Selection Committee composed of professionals, experts and leading corporations on line and off line, will screen on different criterias the sites that solicited the PWS label.

Sam-Mag, the webmasters' magazine for those who want to boost their sites.

Journal du Net, the Newspaper online, the professionals reference site., the guide to buy online without being misled.

Hit-Parade, the free classification of the French-speaking sites.

Paradise Developer's, free registration of your site, free down loads for CGI's, many sources and utilities available.

Perso-Search, the directory dedicated to French-speaking personal pages.

Receive by e-mail unexpected business propositions � thanks to the Forum of public and private markets.

Murielle Cahen, professional of the French Law specialised into the New Technologies.

A site designed for entrepreneurs, webmasters and internet marketers who wish to boost their site traffic and to strengthen their business.

Choice People's, directory of web sites classified by popularity.

Francite, the French-speaking portal to find all what you look for !

Rosoor Benjamin, journalist specialised in actualisation of web sites contents.

For more info please call in Switzerland
phone: + 41 217 311 821 or
Email : [email protected]


Member of the Selection Committee