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To have the PWS Label on your site

Fill the questionnaire below, it will be submitted to the Selection Committee that meet twice a month. You will be informed by mail immediately after their deliberation on your site.

If your site has been certified

  • Please send us the payment of the one time registration fee ( see below FINANCIAL CONDITION )
  • Together with a copy of a signed PWS Charter by the person responsible of your site, to :

    Multimo " Label PWS "
    CP 15

    The form below will be visible, on the PWS site, in its entirety by your potential buyers! While returning us the PWS Charter signed, you give us the formal authorization to do it!

    Financial condition
    Thanks to the "sponsors" of our monthly newsletter ( sorry, only in French ... ) we have been able to cancel the annual contribution and replace it by a one time registration fee of Euros 100 or FF 656 payable when and only, you site has obtained the Label PWS.

    Your Label will then be yours without time limitation -except if canceled and withdrawn for non respect of the PWS Charter - As soon as notified, please send us your payment and the signed PWS Charter ... you'll receive the HTML codes and information how to place your PWS Label on your home page.

    If your site has not been certified
    We will require you, to enlighten us with more information, for a later admission. In no case the Committee will have to justify the reasons for a refusal !

  • Online registration form

    Attention ! all the fields of the form here after being obligatory, all incomplete request will not be able to be treated without an information complement (please mark xxx in the fields not concerning you).
    This form is strictly reserved for news registrations. For any modification on an already certified PWS site, please contact us !.
    Sponsorship code ( if you have one ) :
    Informations on the company managment
    Mr   Mrs   Miss
    Name and first name :
    Function :
    (President, Managing Director, Director, Principal,.)
    The Company
    Name of Company :
    Type of company :
    Date of creation :
    Registration n�/n� de siret :
    Classification code/code NAF :
    Turnover On Line 2000 :
    Turnover On Line 2001 :
    When On Line business started :
    Adress 1 :
    Adress 2 :
    Postal Code :
    City :
    Country :
    Phone :
    Fax :
    Company URL :
    Informations on the site which is proposed for Label certification
    Name/title of the site :
    Site URL :
    Does a Secured Online payment system exist ?
    Yes   No
    Secured by :
    Delivery/shipping of your products by :
    Average delivery term :
    Could you indicate several references on your company, products or Clients
    Informations on what you are selling
    Fill carefully these fields, we will use these informations to register properly your site in the Directory of PWS label certified sites.
    Categories of products :
    (for example : real estate, services, data processing, music, art, .)
    Type of products :
    (ex: apartment, villa, flowers, web design, paintings, CD audio, .)
    Enter a description of your site
    (maximum 150 characters, space and punctuation included)
    Enter key words describing the better your site, your activity, your products
    (separate words by commas, maximum 150 characters, space and punctuation included)
    Category n�1
    Category n�2
    Category n�3
    Contact in your company
    Mr   Mrs   Miss
    Name and first name of the person to contact :
    Email :

    After sending this form, you will receive by email
    a confirmation of your PWS Label request.

    For more info please call in Switzerland
    phone: + 41 217 311 821 or
    Email : [email protected]


    Member of the Selection Committee