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You are a potential buyer, please visit "The Buyers' rubrique", before ordering online!

You have a site, you wish have the PWS label, propose your site to the Selection Committee, by clicking : "To have the PWS label on your site"

Why a label ?

Web is more and more frequented, the number of sites increases from day to day, the sites offering products or servicesand online will face soon a spectacular development: ….anything could be bought on the Web! ….
So what to do not to be lost? Should I be confident on this particular site? Who are the responsible ones " behind " this site very attractive … where I would like to pass order? A person, a corporation, a team of crooks? Who is my speaker?
It will be more and more difficult to find one's way, the endings in <.fr> or <.com> Are not really " reassuring "! The potential buyer - of your products or services, will put itself always the same questions: Will I be delivered? Which will be the quality of the product? When do I have my order? Two days? two months? or never …
His anxiety will induce an indecision and he will probably " zap " away from your site … without passing his order!

The PWS Label
Brings a solution and a response to these questions and anxieties of the buyers ! The short term objective being that the buyers feel in confidence while buying on a labellised PWS site … this is to say a site where one can order and be delivered on time without problem.

A Selection Committee composed of professionals, experts and leading corporations on line and off line, will screen on different criterias the sites that solicited the PWS label.