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The Charter of the PWS Label

All purchase done on a certified PWS site will be honored by the responsible of the site.

All buyer having made a purchase on a certified PWS site, after having paid, will be delivered in the delays and delivery conditions proposed by the site and accepted by himself.

All proposed service, all product corresponds to a reality and will be in accordance with the description that is done on the site.

All certified PWS site having not respected the PWS Charter will loose the PWS label and be taken off the PWS Directory. Furthermore, the URL of that site will be listed in a " rubrique " on the PWS site, so any future potential buyers could be aware of the situation.

The Directory of certified PWS sites will be available at all moment, for consultation.

The responsible of a PWS site, guarantees to the buyer the good development of the transaction, whether the payment is made off-line or one-line.

By transaction, PWS means : order and payment of a good, product, service, benefit as well as the delivery or the proper execution.

In incident cases, the buyer will inform PWS: in communicating the proof of his order, of his payment and for example the absence of delivery � PWS will act then as a "mediator" !

If the PWS label is not visible on the opening home page of the certified PWS site, 15 days only after a notification remained without effect, it will be withdrawn and the site taken off the PWS Directory.

For more info please call in Switzerland
phone: + 41 217 311 821 or
Email : [email protected]


Member of the Selection Committee