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The PWS Label "PremiumWeb Site" is an initiative of the MULTIMO Group, a registered swiss company by the Tribunal of Commerce of Lausanne # 925/20323.
In activity mainly, on the French-speaking web, since 1995, the Group has a team of 12 person (permanent and free-lance).
Some web site creations and references : , ,

Why a label
After having noticed that :
One finds everything and anything on the web ! Thus, the newly formed corporations "start-up" have little chance to give "confidence" to the future buyers on line who will prefer to zap rather than to pass an order ... on a site "unknown" to them !
MULTIMO decided to create and to launch the PWS label after having talked to some major "actors" of the web, providers and particularly while listening to the online buyers and the responsibles of merchant sites.
MULTIMO formed a team of professionals for the Selection Committee which screens the sites before the certification !
We do not claim to become the "policemen" of the web, but we have the conviction that the PWS Label can participate in short term to a regulation of the online transactions of products and services.
Our goal being to establish confidence between the buyers and the certified PWS Label sites !

For any question regarding the PWS Label, on how to obtain it, on the Charter, or to inform us about any problem when verifying the validity of a PWS label, do not hesitate to contact us in filling this form.

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MULTIMO sarl "Label PWS"
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Ask for : Andre J.ROSSI
phone/fax : + 41 21 731 18 21


Member of the Selection Committee